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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trade:

Goods are sold worldwide and are only advertised for sale using New Zealand currency (NZD / $NZ).

The Coasters Club bears no responsibility for the likes of any bank, credit or debit card fees or any foreign exchange conversion fees that might add to the cost of any purchase made using this website.

Goods Sold are Subject to the Following:

Every effort is made to ensure that the goods offered for sale on this website are adequately described.  Unless there is an annotation to the contrary, no photograph or drawing depicting or illustrating aspects of any product offered for sale by this website is a photograph of the actual item offered for sale.

Should an intending purchaser have any doubt about a product or wish to confirm the suitability o of any product we offer for sale, we ask that the intending purchaser email us to query or confirm the product information.

Returns Policy:

Refunds are not available for goods that are sold as described.

If the goods (our product or products) recieved from us by the purchaser are faulty, we will replace those goods if they are returned to us within 30 days of dispatch by The Coasters Club.

Subject to the provisions of the consumers guarantees act 1993 to the extent the apply to the agreement, the liability of the company to the buyer shall not in any case exceed the purchase price of the goods in respect to which the liability arises whether such liability arises in contract or in tort or otherwise.

In any case no liability for consequential loss to the buyer or any other party arising from such breach.

Returns and refunds shall be subject to any manufacturers warranty

Reimbursement of any shipping expenses by us will be at our discretion and will be of no more than the value of any delivery shipping cost paid, or payable by us.

Delivery Times:

We will process a purchaser's order within 1 business day following our receipt of payment as cleared funds in our bank account.  Payment by online banking cannot be checked until the next business day.  We will send the purchaser an email notifying you when the purchaser's order has been shipped.  

For packages that are submitted for delivery by courier or by post, allow up to 4 days for delivery within New Zealand and 12 days for delivery internationally.  

Delivery times, for larger items and for goods dispatched by us to be forwarded on to the purchaser by the purchaser's carrier, will depend on the freight facilty the purchaser chooses for delivery.

We will not take responsibility for any costs incurred due to delivery holdups.

Delivery, Special Conditions:

If the purchaser requires delivery of an order:

To a destination where there is no commonly available "door to door" courier, post or freight service link with New Zealand (that is carriage for the entire delivery process by standard postal service or a courier of freight forwarding service such as, or similar to, DHL, TNT Express, NZ Courier Post, Emery, Emerates, Post Haste etc),or;

If delivery of the purchase is to be within a country not listed in the "Shipping" options provided in our shopping cart;

Consignment by us shall be strictly FoB to a mutually agreed New Zealand based freight forwarding agent.

We acknowledge that purchasers will know how best to describe their delivery address.  For that reason, in our "Order Confirmation Page" we provide purchasers with a prompt, suggesting that the purchaser should add, to the "Comment Box", the precise address for final delivery and also a telephone number that can be used by the delivery operator to confirm the date, time and place for final delivery.


The privacy of purchaser or customer; data, orders and credit card details is important to us.  We will not disclose purchaser credit card details to any third party nor will we sell purchaser or customer data to any third party.

Details of purchaser order details will only be disclosed to the extent that is required to complete delivery and security of purchase orders.

If we publish newsletters we will not send them to purchasers or customers who ask us to be removed from our mailout database.

The credit card details purchasers supply when making "shopping cart" orders from this website are not captured by us, nor are they stored anywhere on our servers or in our premises.  Credit card details are processed in real time, using secure encryption, by an independent payment gateway authorised by our bank.

If a purchase is subject to payment by use of credit card details the purchaser supplies to us independently of our shopping cart service, we will not retain those credit card details for longer than is neccessary to complete the payment transaction.

Safety and Security of Your Order:

To protect the security of your order, at our discretion, we might request up to three (3) forms of identification for check matching of the purchaser details and delivery address.

We will take particular care to ensure appropriate matching of invoicing and delivery addresses.  All consignments will include a requirement that delivery must be signed for upon receipt, when proof of identiy might also be required.

We  reserve the right to cancel (reverse) any purchase we consider might present a risk to us, or to the party who has paid for, or is due to pay for, a purchase from us.  We will make a full refund of any funds we receive for a cancelled purchase.

Unless otherwise stated, product prices are exclusive of cartage insurance.