“THE COASTERS SHOP” forms part of our business plan to grow the connections between Coasters by making Coast made products available via our Coasters Club platform.




Wherever I roam, the Coast is my home.


We will connect with as many people with current or former links to the West Coast with the aim of bringing them home to visit and reconnect. Locate people who have an association with West Coast and link through our database. Invite them to come home for family and celebrations

Show & Tell the best via a weekly communication…and let word of mouth do the rest

Establish a web based shop selling Coast made products.

Establish a wed based travel agency.Have a web based paper.

Engage and mobilize people with West Coast connections around the world

Invite them home to family and celebrations. Generate tourism revenue from those coming home.

Promote pride in West Coast at home and abroad. Celebrate their outstanding contributions.

The Coasters’ Club will establish and maintain contact with each and every person who has links, no matter how far back or how small their connection is, to the West Coast  area.  There is and will be no membership fee.